Barbara is a family advocate and passionate conservative determined to face issues head-on to move Wisconsin forward.


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barbara's main focus in madison will be:

  • Mental Health Issues
  • Opioid Abuse
  • Controlling Spending & Taxes
  • Public Education
  • Healthcare
  • Life
  • 2nd Amendment Rights

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Mental Health

A cursory glance at local, state, and national news shows us that unaddressed mental health issues are deeply affecting families as well as the wider community. I deeply believe in bringing together all stakeholders from law enforcement to mental health professionals, to churches, to affected individuals, to government in order to problem solve on this massive issue.

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Opioid Abuse

All of us know someone who has been devastated by this national and state epidemic. Not only do these drugs threaten our community by their direct use, they also threaten public safety by the criminal subculture they fuel. I fully support a collaborative effort to combat this pervasive tragedy.

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Controlling Spending & Taxes

You do better with more of your hard earned money in your own pocket. Our government still has many inefficiencies to address. Wisely confronting these challenges can benefit every resident of Wisconsin.

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Public Education

With a generation of students unable to spell, do simple math in their heads, or read a note written in cursive, our state needs to address the concerns in public education. Bringing together employers, educators, and parents is critical to preparing our children to succeed as adults.

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As the mother of three children, one with an extraordinarily expensive chronic illness, I understand the magnitude of adequate health care coverage. While the very things that were intended to improve Americans' access to coverage have made care even more accessible to many in recent years, there are steps we can take to remedy this crisis. My history of patient advocacy uniquely equips me to make informed decisions for my fellow citizens.

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I passionately support life at every age, stage, and ability. There are those who would deny children like mine the right to exist, let alone receive adequate medical care. My family's story is a testament to the hopeful promise that every life matters.

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2nd Amendment

While firearm safety is of concern to every resident, recent events warrant a discussion about enforcing laws already on the book rather than penalizing law-abiding citizens. I am a believer and defender of people's 2nd Amendment rights.

With a long history of service to the community, I hope to serve the great citizens of the 38th Assembly District in Madison.
— Barbara Dittrich, Candidate for 38th Assembly District